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International Students

Starting university comes with many challenges, and even more if you are an international student. This section aims to help you find your way that little bit easier.

Academic Writing: practical tools for international students

We’ve recently recorded a new exciting webinar with Stephen Bailey and Sue Starfield, two Routledge authors in the field of academic writing for international students.

A Practical Guide to Academic Writing for International Students

Writing essays and dissertations can be a significant challenge for many international students studying at English-language universities. We have put together some key chapters from leading titles in the field of Academic Writing for non-native English speakers.


Starting University During a Pandemic

International students in the 2020/2021 academic year face a new reality and new options. More students are choosing to enrol remotely, whilst others are having their first semester online and wondering if that will continue into their second. There is constant uncertainty and questions, but there is still a desire to explore, learn and experience university life to the full! This Snapshot provides advice for any international student looking to do just that.

International Students Book Collection

Embarking on your academic journey can be exciting and scary, even more so as student studying abroad. So we wish to share with you a collection of titles to assist you during your studies, so you can make the most of your time there!


10 tips for new international students

Are you a new, or soon to be, international student and looking for advice for your first year? Then look no further! We have put together the Top 10 Tips for studying abroad and making the most of your time at university.

Teaching International Students Collection

We have a collection of titles to assist you with your teaching and expand your knowledge of the nuances and challenges that international students face.