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Core Skills for Success

Managing time, problem solving, organization... developing core study skills are essential for you to progress as far as you can in your studies.

How to Improve Your Grammar

This Snapshot aims to help you quickly improve your grammar skills in the English language, whether it is your first language, your second, or even your fifth. It will help you to learn key grammar skills, to improve the skills you have, and to easily spot and correct common grammatical errors.

Preparing for Exams - Quick Tips

Exams are a major part of university study. How do you study for exams and ensure you are as prepared as you can be? This video offers key tips and advice to help you develop effective study skills to help you pass your exams with flying colours.

Thinking critically, and why it is important

Before you began your university career, you may not have encountered the term ‘critical thinking’. You may be asking what it is and if it is something that applies to you. Should you be learning to think critically? And, if so, how do you learn to think in this way?

Study Skills - Effective Tips for Students

From time management to essay writing, good revision practices to overcoming procrastination; developing your study skills will help you achieve the best you can during your time at university. This video offers key tips and advice to help you develop effective study habits.

Mastering Academic Writing

Learning to write in an academic style can prove challenging for students. There are a lot of things to be thinking about and, in the move from school to university it can feel as though there is a wide gulf of understanding to jump. This Snapshot aims to provide you with some introductory advice to help you master academic writing.

Referencing: Your guide to getting it right

You've probably heard a lot about how important it is to get your references and citations correct. This infographic will help you to make sure that you are getting your referencing right.

Tips for Effective Revision

When exam time comes round it can be difficult to know where to begin with your revision. Do you simply read through your notes time and time again and hope you remember everything? Are there was to become better at revision and ensure you go prepared to your exams? This infographic provides some tips to help you revise in the best way you can.

How to Write a Dissertation

This FreeBook brings together chapters from a range of Routledge books,giving you all the guidance and advice you need when approaching the daunting task of writing your dissertation. Covering each part of the journey, from devising your topic, through methodology and research, to writing and referencing, this FreeBook will help you understand the process of dissertation writing.

How to Prepare for Exams: 5 Steps to Success

Few people enjoy exams. Heading into an assessment, unable to be sure of the questions you will be asked, can be pretty scary, even for the most prepared. For some, exam season is a time of stress, anxiety and worry. This Snapshot aims to help you through. Giving advice on preparation and planning, revision techniques, taking exams and coping with stress, it aims to help you achieve your best.

How to Write an Essay

Writing your first essay at university can be a daunting challenge. You know it needs to be more academic, more rigorous than those you've written in school; but where do you start? The How to Write an Essay Snapshot will take you through the whole process of writing an essay, offering helpful hints and tips from some Taylor & Francis authors.

What to do if your exams don't go well

You walked in confident but nervous, sure that after all the work you’ve done to prepare for the exam it would go well. But it hasn’t. It feels like it was an absolute disaster. Your mind froze, went blank, everything you had learned over the past few weeks and months left your head as you walked in through the door to the exam hall.

Coping with exam stress

Exam season is, for many students, the most stressful time of the academic year. Increasing numbers of students are seeking help for study related mental health issues. Despite what many people believe, being a student isn’t all about drinking and partying. It is a time of high workloads and a lot of pressure coming from your course deadlines and the pressure you inevitably put on yourself.

Critical Thinking for Humanities Students

Begin to build the crucial skill of critical thinking with this freebook, compiled for students from some of our key textbooks in the area.The first chapter asks what is critical thinking and why is it important? Next,you will be introduced to the key skills,or 'toolkit' of critical thinking and shown how to apply critical thinking skills in everyday life.

Why do study skills matter

Every student is familiar with the term ‘study skills.’ But not everyone really knows or understands what they are or why they matter. After all, if your grades are pretty good why you should worry about improving your study skills?

10 tips for successful studying

Are deadlines piling up and you don’t know where to begin? Don’t know where to start with your reading assignments? Developing good study habits and studying a way that ensures you learn can be difficult. These 10 tips will give you a few quick pointers to get you on the path to successful studying.

Study Skills Freebook

Providing free access to guidance and advice, this Study Skills FreeBook will help you to improve your study skills. Whether you are entering higher education for the first time, or returning to formal study after time in the workplace, you will learn how to get the most out of your time spent studying so you can get the best possible result.

Study and Research Skills for Students of Psychology

Study and Research Skills for Students of Psychology is a special FreeBook curated by Routledge in association with the European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations to bring together useful resources for Psychology students in one concise place. With excerpts from 5 Routledge titles, the FreeBook features chapters that focus on studying, research, essay writing, data measurement and how to best use sources.

MRGCP Revision Guide

This MRCGP Revision Guide FreeBook will be a valuable resource for students embarking upon their Medical degrees and those planning to undertake the Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP), and will help students discover titles that will guide them throughout their studies. The AKT is usually taken prior to the CSA, with WPBA's being undertaken regularly throughout training. This freebook concentrates on the AKTand CSA components.

Essential Study Skills for Law Students: Part One

Part 1 of this Routledge Law FreeBook contains a collection of selected chapters from five key titles, designed to help students gain the necessary study skills to achieve their full potential during and after their Law degrees.

Essential Study Skills for Law Students: Part Two

Part 2 of this Routledge Law FreeBook contains a collection of selected chapters from four key titles, designed to help students gain the necessary study skills to achieve their full potential during and after their Law degrees.